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9th-Nov-2007 10:15 pm(no subject)
4th-Nov-2007 08:47 pm(no subject)
looking out the window, pensive
How is it possible that today is November 4th? It was just Halloween yesterday. Did something happen at that Ministry party?

Hmm... Er... how embarrassing is this...

Has anyone ever lost time? I don't recall what I did the last few days. Is this an after effect of the plague?
27th-Oct-2007 10:37 am(no subject)
My racing sheep are missing and there is blood spatter in the barn!! This is...outrageous and heart breaking.

I have no choice but to believe that this is the work of some sod who lost his bet.

I'll be sure to track him down and do terrible things to him for taking the lives of innocent athletic balls of fluff.

Now little Miranda will grow up without a mother.

This isn't right, I tell you!
19th-Oct-2007 09:43 pm(no subject)
black glasses
I think that this will be the first time that I ever use my journal as a public journal.

School is terribly uneventful this year. Other than the first years coming to me for this and that, I’ve rarely had anything to do other than sort through my lesson plans and grade still terribly abysmal essays and tests. Why can’t students comprehend the meaning of perfection?

Luckily my other career is flourishing. I’m sure some of you have seen the Slytherin Enterprises logo here and there in recent weeks. Along with my new clubs and restaurants in London, Rome, and Los Angeles. And the ‘Eva’ floral shop I opened last week.

Though I still haven’t fully recovered from putting my soul back together. The nightmares are just as intense as they were when I was still under his tyranny, and I think I’ve lost weight. My pants aren’t fitting as well as they used to.

This was, without a doubt in my mind, completely pointless.
8th-Oct-2007 09:29 pm(no subject)
thinking, pleasant, relaxed
I wonder...

Anthony, can you help me drag Michael out for Desi's party? It will be his birthday, and we should celebrate - or at least, pull him away from the Ministry for the evening. [Private to Anthony] - Terry may even sneak out of Quidditch camp, so we need to get Michael out! and I think he will be surprised. [/Private] What do you think?

Desi, I love the title of your single, by the way. Especially when it disses Daphne.
7th-Oct-2007 03:43 pm(no subject)
I think I may actually have a real article in the Prophet tomorrow! I finally convinced one of the editors to give me a chance. It should be on page four, I hope believe.

Mandy, Michael, Terry. How are all of you doing? What's it like at the Ministry lately? Quidditch camp?

I feel like I haven't seen anyone in ages, even though so many of us live in the same building.
5th-Oct-2007 05:45 pm(no subject)
What is so fragile that when you say its name you break it?

Rowena, you are not permitted to answer this.
4th-Oct-2007 08:13 pm - Private to Ginny
Hey, Gin. I haven't heard from you in a while. How are you holding up?
29th-Sep-2007 05:05 pm - Log: Ron and Hermione
Who: Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger (with a Professor Sinistra cameo)
When: Friday evening, September 28
Where: the Hogwarts library, then the Astronomy Tower
What: talking, arguing, and being caught cute (...because, really, this is what they do best)
Rating: PG-ish (harmless)

My word, I thought you two would have at least a little more decorum than this!Collapse )
I'd like to thank everyone for coming to my father's memorial service. Mum and I really appreciated seeing everyone there. I'm sure he would have, as well.

Private to Kingsley Shacklebolt:

You. Me. Bottle of firewhisky. My flat. I need a good stiff drink after the month I've had.


Private to Remus

I'd really like to go out with you sometime soon. Let me know when you're free and we'll work something out.

28th-Sep-2007 01:12 pm(no subject)

Alright, I'm officially no longer a resident of Hogwarts.  I hope the world is a cheerier place for it.

I shall be holding Sheep Races on the fifth of October. Owl in for a list of competitors, bets will be accepted the day of the event.

25th-Sep-2007 10:56 pm(no subject)
Hell's bells and bunnies, stupidity should be illegal.
22nd-Sep-2007 12:24 am(no subject)
Who: Albus and Aberforth
When: Late Friday Night
Where: Albus' Office
What: Aberforth is asked to leave the castle. (A quick look into the minds of the Dumbledore Brothers)
Rating: G

20th-Sep-2007 10:47 pm - Thread: The Fuschia Robes
Who: Harry, Ron, Hermione and OPEN!!
When: lunchtime, September 19
Where: the non-student dorms, and then the Great Hall
What: Harry and Ron make good on their promise to Hermione for her birthday.
Rating: PG

Note: This is an OPEN THREAD...feel free to post character reactions to the events if they would be in the Great Hall for lunch. Enjoy!

If I think about running, I give you full permission to cast a full body-bind on me and have Harry carry me to the Great Hall.Collapse )
19th-Sep-2007 06:45 pm - Log: Harry and Hermione
Who: Harry and Hermione
When: morning, September 18
Where: the non-student dorms
What: They haven't talked in a while, and there are some things to discuss.
Rating: G/PG (totall 100% harmless)

You're not the only one who thinks that way.Collapse )
19th-Sep-2007 05:19 pm - Private to Harry and Hermione
I don't think I can go through with this. I've nicked the robes from Fred and George's shop and they're lying on my bed, but I can't put them on. The whole school is going to see me in them! I'll look like that ponce, Lockheart, in them!
18th-Sep-2007 07:26 pm(no subject)
Who: Cedric and Harry
Where: A guest room in Hogwarts
When: Long ago and far far away, or just before Professor Ravenclaw found the cure
What: Harry's freaked out and Cedric's more than willing to help him relax
Rating: R

Incomplete log

NSFW material beneathCollapse )
17th-Sep-2007 07:31 pm(no subject)
Who: Tonks and Albus
Where: A corridor in Hogwarts
When: After her planning session with Harry
What: Albus tells Tonks it's okay to grieve
Rating: G

While you should be a daughter to your mother, you needn’t be her entire support system.Collapse )
17th-Sep-2007 12:02 am(no subject)
Who: Ron and Hermione
Where: Hogwarts, Hogsmeade
When: September 15
What: Ron and Hermione go out on a date!
Rating: PG (harmless fluffiness)

He was happy to be here with HermioneCollapse )
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